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The Rug Trends of 2024
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The Rug Trends of 2024

As we step into 2024, the world of interior design continues to shift and evolve, rugs are no exception to this rule. This year's upcoming trends offer a captivating blend of contemporary and classic styles. Let's begin our journey as we cater to diverse tastes, spaces, and new ideas.

Eco and Sustainability

Continuing from 2023 the importance of being eco-conscious hasn’t wavered in the world of rugs. Rugs at the rugs shop in London are made with eco-friendly natural dyes and no bad chemicals. This sustainable choice reduces the environmental impact and adds a touch of natural beauty to your space.

A Kaleidoscope of Colours

Neutral colours will always hold a heavy place in our hearts, but 2024 welcomes an era of vibrant expression. From earthy tones like terracotta and sage green to bolder hues like deep blues and rich reds, the colour palettes hold something for everyone. 2024 is a year of creativity and exploration, let your colours reflect your unique personality in your own space.

Vintage Rugs

Woven with stories from the past, vintage rugs will always be a part of every year. From intricate Persian patterns to bold kilims, they bring a piece of history to wherever they are placed. Each rug, hand-knotted with natural dyes tells a unique story and brings a certain piece of culture. 

As with any treasured piece placed as a living room rug or in a high-traffic area, proper cleaning and maintenance will extend the life of your beautiful rug and bless your family for generations to come.

Textures United

Texture plays a huge role in adding depth and dimension. In 2024, rugs with captivating textures will be all the rage. High-pile rugs offer a deluxe feel underfoot, while high-low-pile designs and textured weaves create visual interest. With a texture for everyone, we see colours and designs crossing over. Explore a variety to perfect your desired ambience. 

Unique Shapes & Sizes

While traditional rectangular rugs remain popular, 2024 sees a rise in unconventional shapes. Adding touch to the style, circular rugs and rugs with irregular geometric forms are growing in popularity. Additionally, custom rug design allows you to personalise your own space by selecting sizes, colours, and patterns that coordinate with your existing decor or become the first statement piece.

Explore the timeless allure of vintage rugs amidst the rug trends of 2024. From intricate Persian patterns to bold kilims, each hand-knotted rug tells a unique story, infusing cultural richness into any space. Discover a diverse range of trendy rugs at the rugs store in London, featuring trendy contemporary kilims designs, and elevate your home decor today.



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