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The Latest Trends in Contemporary Kilim Designs
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The Latest Trends in Contemporary Kilim Designs

The rich tradition of hand-knotted kilims, their flatweave construction and enthralling geometric patterns are experiencing a contemporary revival. The artists behind the kilims are pushing new boundaries while honouring heritage.

Hand-woven carpets naturally exhibit variations in colour, texture, and weaving. In contemporary designs these ‘imperfections’ are now celebrated as markers of authenticity and human touch, adding depth and character to the piece.

Long gone are the days of perfect patterns and earthy tones, contemporary rug designs rejoice in asymmetry. We are now seeing uneven and off-centre stripes, off-centre motifs and playful imbalances. Designers are unafraid of colour, bold palettes including pastels, jewel tones and neon colours inject character and vibrancy wherever they are placed.

Sustainability in hand-woven kilim rugs

Contemporary rug artists are no different in their concern over sustainability. From top to bottom, ethical sourcing and fair-trade practices are a staple of production. Natural dyes from plants and minerals are gaining importance and popularity.

The ongoing evolution of kilim rugs

Like everything we are seeing an evolution in contemporary kilim rugs, the lines between art and rugs are blurring. They are no longer just floor pieces, we are seeing them rebirthed as wall hangings, tapestries and even upholstery fabrics. Like most industries, technology has even found its way into it, some contemporary kilims include QR codes that link to stories about the origin, inspiration, and artist behind the work.

Contemporary rugs are for everyone, whether the imperfections absorb you, the wide arrangement of colours and abstract forms, or even the sustainable practices in giving life to these pieces of art.

There is a contemporary rug for every home. Explore, discover, and let these timeless pieces of art add a touch of tradition and contemporary flair to your space.

Discover our exquisite collection of contemporary kilim rugs, crafted entirely from 100% wool. Experience the timeless beauty and quality craftsmanship of these stunning pieces.




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