Overdyed Rugs

The World’s Finest Rugs – Remastered

Overdyed rugs are the contemporary, chic take on an ancient art form. To form this collection, Hand-made antique Persian rugs are stripped of their original coloring, leaving the pattern behind, and “over-dyed” with a single vibrant color.

As a result, The intrinsic beauty of the rugs comes shining through with a brand new coat of dye, because the original pattern is still faintly visible, giving each rug an unmistakable air of sophistication and luxury only a high-end carpet can give, without being “hoity-toity”.

Within this collection you will also find un-dyed rugs which although have been carefully aged and stripped off the density of the original colouring, still hold the remarkable strength and character of the original design. 

Our Overdyed rugs are one of the best ways to add an enormous amount of warmth and comfort to your space, while tying any room together.



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