Overdyed Rugs

Transform Your Space with Overdyed Vintage Rugs

Overdyed vintage rugs redefine the ancient art of rug-making with a contemporary and chic twist. In this collection, hand-made antique Persian rugs undergo a fascinating transformation – stripped of their original coloring and then "over-dyed" with a single vibrant hue.

The Art of Overdyed Distressed Rugs

Contemporary Elegance

Witness the evolution of traditional Persian rugs into a contemporary masterpiece. The overdyed process enhances the inherent beauty of each rug, with the original design still faintly visible beneath the vibrant new layer of dye.

Timeless Sophistication

The result is a collection of patterned rugs exuding an unmistakable air of sophistication and luxury. These high-end hand-made overdyed distressed rugs have intrinsic beauty, offering a touch of opulence without being overly formal.

Unveiling the Collection

Overdyed Turkish, Oriental, and Vintage Distressed Rugs

Explore our diverse overdyed collection featuring rugs that were once antique Persian treasures. From overdyed Turkish rugs to oriental rugs and vintage Distressed rugs, each piece narrates a story of transformation and timeless style.

Distinctive Design

Within the overdyed collection, discover un-dyed rugs that have undergone careful ageing and stripping of original colouring, yet retain the remarkable strength and character of the initial design. The result is a unique blend of history and contemporary aesthetics.

Warmth and Comfort Redefined

Cozy Transformation

Our overdyed distressed rugs offer an unparalleled way to infuse warmth and comfort into your space. The rugs not only tie a room together but also add a layer of cozy luxury to your surroundings.

Versatile Appeal

Whether you opt for an overdyed Turkish rug, an oriental masterpiece, or a Vintage distressed gem, each rug in our collection brings versatile appeal, seamlessly complementing various design themes.

Elevate Your Space Today

Transform your living spaces with the captivating allure of overdyed vintage rugs. Unleash the fusion of tradition and contemporary chic that defines our over-dyed distressed collection. Add an enormous amount of warmth and comfort to your space while tying every room together with a touch of timeless elegance. Explore our vintage rugs collection today and experience the perfect blend of history and modernity underfoot.