Here at Rug Shed, we are an established British business with roots emerging from early 1990s Pakistan. Our speciality in the rugs
industry is simple but twofold. Firstly, We stock the finest, rarest and widest collection of hand made rugs from Iran, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Turkey and Morocco. Secondly, we source directly from the producers, who we have built relationships with over more than the last decade.      
This allows us to find exactly what our clients wish, whether its something you saw years ago in east or something you saw on instagram, Pinterest or elsewhere. And we do so, at the best prices that strike a balance between fair payment to the producers and the best deal for the buyer. 
All of our rugs are 100% handmade. We only ever work with the weavers who employ centuries old tradition of rug weaving and still do things the 'good old way'.   We are strictly against mass production and therefore, all our rugs come with a certificate of authenticity to give you a complete peace of mind regarding the material, quality and processed your rug went through in production. 
We work directly with the producers/weavers from the country our rugs are coming from which gives us autonomy to stress the importance of ethical weaving and Fair Trade. Our producers are members of international organisation including CARE AND FAIR, who's aims include abolition of illegal child labour and improving the well being of weavers in countries like Pakistan and India. you can find out more about that by visiting : https://www.care-fair.org/index.html

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