Cleaning and Repair


The Rug Shed offers specialist Rugs Cleaning, Repair and Restoration service in London and all surrounding areas.

All Oriental, Persian, Decorative and Contemporary rugs go through a lot of effort in the production which make them so special. For this very reason, they deserve specialist care and cleaning. We usually recommend getting a rug professionally cleaned every 5-7 years.

The Rug shed offers cleaning, repair and restoration of all handmade oriental, Persian and Contemporary rugs including Tapestries. We work to remove age old stains, odours and dust and grit that has settled to the base of the rug over time.

If your rug does not need professional cleaning and you spill anything, here are the quick tips to fix this situation

  • Scoop up excess residue using an ordinary spoon
  • Use water to dilute the excess spillage
  • Dab the stain to further absorb moisture out of the stain but DO NOT rub the stain
  • Have some baking soda at hand to cover the stain and hoover after a couple of hours

Please see the following FAQs about our rug cleaning services. Please feel free to call us at 01491413321 for any tips or to arrange the cleaning and/or repair service.


Will you pick up and deliver my rug for cleaning?

Yes, we offer free pickup and delivery of all rugs within 20 miles of our store/warehouse locations.


How long do rug cleaning services take?

Usually rug cleaning and repair takes around 10-14 days. We are, however, completely committed to deliver the best cleaning and repair service so the lead time might vary slightly


Do you send the rugs out to be cleaned?

No, we clean all rugs in our Cleaning warehouse.


I have a large area rug that needs a cleaning. Is it too big?

No, there is no limit to size when it comes to rug cleaning.

Do you also supply underlay?

Yes, we offer a range of underlays for carpet as well as hardflooring.


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