Kilim Rugs

❝ Affordable and chearful rug, that's easy to maintain 


Origin:                 Afghanistan (Maimana region)

Also known as : Dhurrie, Flatweave, Gilim, soumack

Material :            100% wool (wooden pile on wooden base)

Dyes:                  Natural organic root vegetable dyes


Our traditional kilim range comes from 'Maimana' region of Afghanistan. Distinctive patterns and cheerful colours make them unmistakably unique. handwoven using organic root and vegetable dyes and hands-on wool makes them durable and hardwearing at the least. Flatweave Rugs are generally much more affordable than similar size in a woven piled rug, which makes them perfect for places with more wear and spillage hazards, like kitchens and lobbies. 

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