Why Overdyed Rugs are so popular?

Mohana S

December 14 2018

Tastes of people have changed drastically over the last 30 years or so. From the classic designs, in general, we have been all moving on towards more contemporary living. All the techs and gadgets couldn’t help us tackle a MONDAY MORNING SYNDROME. For this very reason however, more and more people seek ‘a break’ from all the latest styles and trends. This break comes in a form of revisiting traditional styles and methods in the modern age, evidenced in all of us hearing phrases like ‘trip down a memory lane,’  ‘throwbacks’ and ‘oldschool’ more and more often.


The heightened interest in Vintage goods eventually found a way into the rugs market. Producers, instead of producing newer goods started buying older vintage rugs and upcycling them to make them compatible with modern styles. Overdyed rugs emerged as a result. With the help of cleaning, undying, distressing and then overdying in vibrant colours, overdyed rugs emerged as killing two birds with one stone. Having such a colourful rug would not only bring that much missed ‘vintage’ and ‘ethnic’ style to your home but would also add enough colour so you don’t have to work too hard adding more colours in our living spaces.

Well that’s good then isn’t it? We can a vintage rug and, - we don’t have to visit our pockets to add more colour in our space, right? Hmm, well not quite. As the demand of these rugs increased, so did the producers’ appetite for profit. They started finding the ways to make these rugs quicker and cheaper. Before you know it, they started using acid to decolour the rugs, which doesn’t exactly sound ‘ORGANIC’ or ‘HEALTHY’. These acids would decolour the rugs much quicker and get the job done more efficiently. The side effects of this technique, however, is a potential nasty smell and unhealthy fumes, for both workers and the aboders (Is that a word? Well it is now J)

The good news is, however, that there are responsible producers, who, hand on heart, still do the right things. They still hold the door open for others, give their seats to elderly and try and return the lost mobile phones to their owners. These are the people who work tirelessly using herbs to do things the right way, they distress the rugs using herbs and sunlight. Pheww Life is good again, right? Well, we l get their. So how do we know where to find the rugs of these Selfless producers?  Well, we recommend the following

  • visiting only the rug specialist shops to buy Overdyed rugs. Avoid buying from people who sell toothbrushes, toy batteries as well as rugs. You get the picture.
  • Avoid buying cheaper rugs online just because its cheaper. A good quality overdyed rug in 300cm x 200cm should be anywhere around £1500 - £2200. Don’t let anyone take you for a ride, but also don’t fall for a ‘MASSIVE DISCOUNT’ sign as well
  • Thirdly, where possible, see the rugs, feel them and smell them to see if they have any red flags. 

Hope this is helpful for all of you and as Abraham Lincoln’s letter in the movie "Hateful eight" mentioned: "‘OL’Marie is calling, so I guess its time for bed". My cat is calling me, as its dinner time for her. If you have any further queries, feel free to get in touch for a chat and I will be happy to help.

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