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Rug Shed Is The First Stop Of Choice
For Discerning Rug Owners,

We serve both Business & Retail Customers

Rug Shed Is The First Stop Of Choice
For Discerning Rug Owners
Whether your rug is due for a routine cleaning, a fringe repair, or a full restoration… Rug Shed has built our reputation on expertise and absolutely stunning results.
Our team of cleaners and rug repair extraordinaires are equipped to tackle even your most “lived-on” rugs and restore them back to their original glory: from removing stains and daily dirt build up, or repairing frayed and ripped edges and fringes – all the way up to painstaking full restorations.
We truly do it all. We’re well-versed in the differences of wool and silk rugs and the optimal cleaning methods for both.
Worried that your beloved rug may be beyond repair?
Let our rug care experts answer any questions and get your rug on the road to recovery today.

Henley on Thames showroom :
+(44) 01491 413321

London Warehouse :
+(44)(0) 7867610656


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