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Here at Rug Shed, we are
an established British
business with roots

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We Believe in
A New Approach To An Ancient Art Form

THE RUG SHED is a collaboration between our collection curators, designers, and rug artisans who each believe the advantage of a handmade rug is not determined by sentimental orperceived value, but in the exquisite craftsmanship and dedication to quality that is tied in with each and every knot.

Our multiple warehouses in and around London house the largest stock of premium handmade rugs in the UK. As a result, we ship all over the continent to today’s high-end rug enthusiasts and showrooms.
Our services are as bespoke as you want them to be, from sourcing rare antique rugs for any space, all the way to completely custom rug craftsmanship. When it comes to handmade rugs there is no one in the business more skilled or experienced than us.


From the handspun wool knots to the natural, hand-applied dyes, our rugs are more refined from the start, both in attention to detail and individuality. You’ll notice the difference in the characteristic suppleness and warmth. Or in the rare, vibrant colors and designs carefully chosen by the exacting eyes of our curators. While our enormous selection can be overwhelming at first, the benefit is that we will always be able to help you find the absolute perfect rug to express your taste, no matter how many visits it takes. Rather than, “getting lost in a sea of outstanding rugs that simply aren’t ‘quite right,’” you’ll be amazed with the final result when a rug that feels custom-tailored for your lifestyle is installed in your home.



Whatever you need, chances are we can find the rug you love from our stock. Our warehouses are located in and around London, and hold the largest stock of handmade rugs in the UK!



If we cant find what you want from our stock, we can always source it for you. Our business roots from Pakistan and Afghanistan along with the industry connections allow us to source virtually any rug.



if we can’t source or find the perfect rug for you, then we’ll simply custom design and make it for you with our bespoke rug design service.you choose the colours and design and we will weave it for you.

Our Projects

We work closely with individuals and corporate clients to supply, make or

We believe the best place to choose a rug is the place that its going to go to. This is why we encourage people to try the rug at home before diving head in first. Feel Free to take us up on our no obligation home viewing service to try the rugs that will eventually be part of your home for a long time.

We work closely with individuals and corporate clients to supply, make or source rugs for every space and setting.

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The Rug Shed (Showroom)

3 Reading RD, Henley-on-Thames
RG9 1AB, T:+441491 413321 UK

+44 (0)1491 413321


The Rug Shed Warehouse

15 Lumen road,
East lane Business Park,
Wembley, HA97RE

Tel: 07867610656

North London Warehouse

The Rug Shed
8 Oxgate Lane,
London, NW2 7JN

Tel: 07867610656